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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  November 13, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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are lots and lots of casualties."around the same time -- policeceay plosions rocked a stadium -- duri an international soccer match. (nats)at least two blasts were heard.(nats)france's president -- watching the match -- had to be whisked to safety.while people inside the stadium scattered.french media also says several gunmen took dozens of people hostage in a concert -- with the country is crisis -- investigators are working to find the motivation for murder. (patrick klugman/paris deputy mayor): "it looks like terror attacks and ititould be the worst ever in paris."as terror groups take to social media to celebrate the attacks. (president obama): "we are going to do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people."i'm mary moloney reporting. 3 3 drivers along i- 29 in sioux
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today.the north bound floyd boulevard exit is now closed and will be closed until at least november of next year. this closing is part of phase two of the i-29 projuect. earlier this week, drivers saw traffic being moved into the new southbound lanes. southbound traffic was moved on wednesday... and the northbound lanenewere moved over today. 3 "with that transition of traffic into the new southbound lanes, they're going to start construction on the northbound lane with that, the closure of the northbound off ramp to floyd blvd. was required to accommodate that construction activity." 3 the contractor will work throughout the winter months on the northbound lanes... all the way into next november. 3 "if the contractor can complete all thmedian work, we would be able to open a second southbound lane through the winter months." 3 the iowa d-o-t says opening a second lane is the goal... however, that will depend on the weather. 3 3 sioux city police tonight
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looking for information on *another* attempted armed on west 3rd street.accordign to popoce... juju before 12-2-0 this afternoon a man walked into the nueva imagen store on west 3rd street with a knife, demanding money.he left when the store's owner *threw* a board at him.police say they're looking for a white man in his 50s or 60s with a grey beard.anyone with information on this suspect is immediately. 3 3 there's new surveillance vivio of the armed robber who hit the kum n go store at 14th and pierce yesterday (thursday) morning. as you can see in the video the suspects walks the employee over to the register with a gun pointed at her side. the employee opens the register and the suspects grabs the drawer. as he is walking out you can hear him saying"dont call the cops, stay away from the phone." police say they're looking for a hispanic or native american man in his 20s. he's around 5 feet 10 inches tall... weighs about 160 pounds. he was wearing a grey odie and a jacksononlle jaguars cap... anyone with information should call sioux city police.
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3 it appears a vacation wasn't the top priority for an r - v driver who was stopped in omaha.cops found about 400 pounds of marijuana inside 12 large boxes... after a drug sniffing dog checked out the vehicle.bags of the plastic - wrapped pot nearly fill a room.two men from fontanan california were arrested. the driver was 20 year old giovanni barreto... and 19 year old manuel guillen junior. guillen's father... 41 year old juan martinez - guillen... escaped. police were using dogs and a helicpter to try and track him down. 3 tonight will be our last night near freezing for a few days. this weekend will b bmild with high temperatures just above 60 and low temperatures in the upper 3 30s for saturday and low to
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3 3 sioux city's first a-b-a team is getting set for their first game tomorrow. 3 they will be taking on the missouri rhythm at the university of south dakota's wellness center for their first scrimmage. the 13-man roster has only been practicing together for about a week now, but say ey are ady to get out the court. 3 "i think we're ahead of where i thought we were going to be coming in. i just didn't know about the chemistry with the guys, but we've got a week of training camp under us and they are ready to go for tomorrow." 3 owner maurice williams says tomorrow is all about making improvements and having fun. some players have not played past the collegiate level which will be a challenge, but the e am says they appreciate e all of t t support from the
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community. 3 "the support has been awesome. sometimes it blows me away how they are so behind us, so thank you guys and continue to support us. 3 the team will also be signing a new player to their roster tomorrow. this will take place at texas road house at 11 a-m. again, the scrimmage is tomorrow at the university of south dakota's wellness center at 2 p.m. . 3 3 local firefighters are stepping up to help a number of charities in the community. 3 local 7 of the international association of professional firefighterspresented several checks to those local organizations.... totaling more than 76-hundred dollars. the food bank of siouxland was joined by the gospel mission... the muscular dystrophy association... the siouxland junior boxing club... and the little yellow dog organization in receiving that money.the e firefighters say it's their pleasure to serve the sioux city community any way they can. 3 3 a sioux city elementary school ended this veterans' day week with a program honoring those
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served."nats of the kids saying the pledge of allegiance."lincoln elementary school's 2nd graders put on that program tts morning.thehe students made patriotic hats... and read poems and letters to veterans.vets in attendance say the effort the kids put in to saying thanks is greatly appreciated.we here at siouxland news would like to once again issue *our* thanks to those who served our nation. 3 3 still to come tonight at nine... a big day for recalls... two big ones to tell you about in your business report... coming up at 9- 23 3 3 but first... the u- s military says it's killed one of isis' top rategists. we'll look at what the death of "jihadi john" means for the terror group, coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell."
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3 the u- s military says a drone strike on a car in syria has killed the isis terrorist responsible for the brutal beheadings of western hostages.that man... mohamed emwazi... was known in western media as jihadi john.the families of some of his victims said the news was welcome... but wouldn't bring back the people he killed. secretary of state john kerry saysysll terrorists should take the strike as news that ththir days are numbereded 3 3 what does jihadi johns death do to isis moving forward? our national correspondent jeff barnd talks to a terror expert about one of he best known killers for isis and the potential loss of this jihadi figurehead. 3 isis relishes in their slick videos showing images of bloody executions. now that jihadi john their most notorious figure in these gruesome videos may be gone,
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it potentially leaves a void wiwiin the isis hierarchy.. but analysts stop short of saying isis has been severely set-back/sot/ :37 paul salem ftp dc broll "they survived the year at a time when many people didn't think they would be .. they're likely to survive a number of years beyond today . the loss of one of sort of their media figures is not a major blow to them" :50/vo/ still the potential loss would not please the *true* leader of isisi abu baba al-baghdadi and experts say isis is *sure* to retaliate.. this while u.s. forces t stepping up their game in the war on isis/sot/ colonel col. steven warren- u.s. army-spokesman, 16:01 "now this was significant of course because jihadi john was somewhat of an isil celebrity, if you will. 16:07 /bridge/ terror experts agree jihadi john was likely isis' number one celebrity but where one isis member dies there's honor which likely was jihadi john's s mber one objective.sot/salem :52 "these fighters thrive on the e idea of matyrdom.. in a sense they have a great pension plan that
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heaven 40 virgins a wonderful life and for many of these people matyrdom is what they seek" 1:06/vo/ the death of a sadistic killer like jihadi john according to terror experts would just be a temporary nuisancebecause like so many other leaders of terrorists organizations in ththpast thth the u.s. has killed there's always *more* jihadists willing to take their place/sot/2:47 salem "so far, no lack of candidates to be suicide bombers or to be media beheaders as gruesome as that is. but this ain't over" 2:56/vo/on capital hill, im jeff barnd. 3 3 this week on full measure an account of workplace discrimination that will likely startle you. one woman's story y unds like something out of the last ntury. t the biggest surprise may be that it didn't happen in private business it happened inside a federal agency that should be setting the standard for fair 2010, at age 27, alicia dabney landed her dream job as a firefighter with the forest service under the u.s.
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department of agriculture. working fires like this one in new mexico, dabney was prepared for life or death situations.but she was unprepared for the hostilitit she faced back at the station in california's region 5-- covering 20 million acres in the pacific southwest. 3 "me.//this frat boy attitude and the bullying and being humiliated,being called fat, also being called, you know, a whore and thingslike that-- it just-- it just drove up the wall. i couldn't take it.// sharyl: 01:08:34 do you think they were trying to be playful whenthey would call you these it-- it's part of the culturur"for more on the story and one woman'n'battle against thth went all the way to the top of a federal agency watch full measure with sharyl attkisson this sunday at 9- 30 on fox 44... right before fox news sunday. 3 3 3 taking a look out over norfolk tonight on our square tire skywatch camera... 3 3 3
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3 larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and the
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3 tonight will be our last night near freezing for a few days. this weekend will be mild with high temperatures just above 60 and low temperatures in the upper 30s for saturday and low to mid 40s for sunday. clouds and wind will return late sunday, as our next system approaches monday. this will bring rain once again to
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3 3 with the return of winter weather... we want to remind you that our annual coats for kids drive kicks off tomorrow and will run through january 3rd.there are hundreds of children in our community who need a coat this winter... and you can help.there are nearly a dozen locations across siouxland where you can donate a new or gently- used winter coat.for a list of the locations, visit our website siouxland news dot com. 3 3 we are 41 days away from christmas and santa claus is already in town.santa claus arrived at the southern hills mall today, and will be there for the next 6 weeks. santa will be at the mall during
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normal business hours. 3 3 still to come tonight at nine... it's a new twist on the used- car buying experience... in tonight's check this out. 3 asman on cam: why santa... might be singing the blues. i'm david asman with the fox
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up.3 retails sales are moving slow as we head into the holidays. but low gas prices *are* driving consumers to the car lots. david asman has more in tonight's means business report. 3 asman on cam: ho ho... no? retail sales barely budging last month... (take vo) ....up only a tenth of a percent. that's below expectations... and not a great sign heading into the busy holiday shopping season.that sent investors running on friday...the dow down another 200 points, capping its worst week in more than two months.meantime, we've got another recall for you.this one's from kia.the automaker puling back more than 250,000 'soul' compact s-u-v's. apparently the steering system can fail. the
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2014 through 2016.but drivers hitting the road this weekend are still loving those low gas prices.the national average for regular unleaded dropping's now just below $2.20 a gallon.and ford wants you to get behind the wheel, without grabbing a's now testing self-driving cars at a fake city that's been built by the university of word yet on when the car will be ready for a real city.asman on cam: that's business. i'm david asman. 3 3 the maker of "spaghetti-os" says it's recalling thousands of cans of the product.campbell's says the recall is because of a potential choking hazard. pieces of red plastic from the can's lining were found in a small number of cans.the company said the product should not be eaten.customers should return affected products to the store where they were purchased in exchange for a full refund.the recalled cans have a february 22nd, 2017 date stamped on them. 3 3 there might not be enough quarters in the world to pay
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for the products in *this*vending machine... that's coming up after the break.
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3 tonight will be our last night near freezing for a few days. this weekend will be mild with high temperatures just above 60 and low temperatures in the upper 30s for saturday and low to mid 40s for sunday. 3 3 finally tonight, check this out.
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3 you're gonna need a *lot* of quarters for this vending machine.carvana... an on - line car dealer... has opened a five-story vending machine filled with used cars in nashville....and we're not talking hot wheels. it's the real deal - minus the "in your face" car pick a car *online* first, then go to the get a special, large coin to put in the machine, and it pushes out your car!you can either test drive it, or buy it on the spot. by employing fewer staff, leasing less acreage, and carrying fewer cars, carvana drastically lowers its overhead.... passing the savings into buyers.
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